Contact Centre
Our Contact Centre is an essential part of our overall customer relationship management strategy; a central dome where all customer contacts are managed, and concerns and problems are addressed. We always ensure that we deliver on our promise of being “at your service” by putting your needs first and making sure you feel valued and heard at all times. We address customer enquiries and requests through voice calls, emails and digital platforms (Website and Social Media).

Service Quality
These are aimed at improving customer experience and fostering brand loyalty and draw on customer feedback to help achieve this. Our customer feedback mechanisms include:

Regular Customer Satisfaction Surveys
We solicit direct feedback from our customers. It provides OmniBSIC Bank key insights into our customers’ needs to improve service delivery across the bank. To understand the root causes of customer complaints, the Service Quality Department has been set up as an independent body to investigate and resolve all complaints and propose improvements in processes and procedures. Commendations are also duly recognized and rewarded.

Suggestion boxes:
Let us know what you think of our service each time by simply entering your suggestions in our suggestion boxes in all our branches.

Customer Contact Centre:
Alternatively, please contact our customer contact by calling +233 (0) 307 086000 Toll-Free: 0800 100790 or via We would love to hear from you.