As a good corporate citizen, OmniBSIC Bank Ghana Limited is determined to ensure that in all aspects of its operations and activities, the welfare and highest good of society is attained, fulfilling its promise of being active, responsible and a generous member of society. At OmniBSIC Bank, we are committed to being recognized as a Socially Responsible Bank, Giving Back to Society and providing Value for the Community within which we operate hence our company's long-term Corporate Social Responsibility objective is to improve the quality of life of the citizens in the communities we serve through long-term support to social intervention initiatives aimed at positively impacting the lives of individuals within the various communities that the Bank has a presence.

What We Do

  • Education: The Bank’s CSR intervention for Education includes Support for Children and Youth Education, Support for Deprived and Needy Children. Improved education has a potential of impacting positively on many other areas of the community, including health and social welfare. We are committed in embarking on activities aimed at improving the educational system or enriching the learning experiences of individuals which include but not limited to donations, sponsorships, scholarship, and school infrastructural development.
  • Health & Wellness: OmniBSIC supports requisite health programs to individuals and organizations that support this course. Initiatives and activities that seek to educate, inform, build, prevent and protect the health and total well-being of individuals and communities in particular and the development of the larger society in general would be treated with the necessary priority they deserve.
  • Talent Development: Our Bank may be in the position to provide the needed support to individuals and organizations endowed with special and unique talents but require some support in order to attain their goals.
  • Environment: The Bank shall ensure that its relevance in the various Communities that it has presence is reinforced by engaging in regular community services that are environmentally friendly, sustainable and beneficial to society’s growth and development

Other socially responsible initiatives:

Apart from our stipulated Corporate Social Responsibility focus, we also support some sectors that cut across general Social upliftment intended to address important societal needs, as well as poverty relief with the aim of improving the living conditions of the underprivileged in homes that the bank was not sponsoring, especially the needy children homes and children in need.