PERSONAL & BUSINESS BANKING... developed with YOU in mind.

At OmniBSIC, our approach is to provide end-to-end products and services to meet everybody's needs.

Our Personal Business Banking services focus on individuals families (personal banking) and Commercial SMEs (Business Banking).

For personal banking, individuals can access a wide range of products and services for themselves and their families. Blue Banking which is under personal banking, is OmniBSICs priority banking bouquet designed for high- net-worth individuals and business executives.

The SME and Commercial Banking unit are equipped with well-trained business relationship officers who are able and willing to diagnose and provide solutions to our business clients, for a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with us.

Overall, both personal and business banking provides the following broad categories of products which are affordable, convenient and accessible 24/7:

  1. Deposit and account management products and services
  2. Transaction Banking products and services
  3. Electronic Banking products and services
  4. Credit and Documentary Credit products and services
  5. Investment products and services

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