We recognize that good corporate governance is fundamental to earning and retaining the confidence and trust of its stakeholders. It provides the structure through which the objectives of the Bank are set and the means to attaining those objectives. Our governance framework helps Board and Management execute their roles of providing oversight and direction to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and within acceptable risks.


OmniBSIC Bank provides a dynamic environment where hard work, drive and passion for service excellence is rewarded. We believe that our people are our most important assets, therefore, we place a strong emphasis on ensuring that the right people are recruited, trained and developed to warrant a long and mutually rewarding career with us.

Career Development

We offer exciting opportunities for career growth and advancement in personal skill sets and professional ambitions. Our training programmes and a system of job rotation provide a well-structured pathway that promotes all-round professional development for career growth. We are committed to cultivating and maintaining an innovation-driven environment ideal for both young professionals and experienced executives.
Great opportunities await you in OmniBSIC Bank if you are:

  • Creative and possess analytical skills.
  • A team player with an exemplary attitude.
  • Self-motivated and result-oriented.
  • A problem solver